Dog Behaviour

My job as a Dog Behaviourist is to rehabilitate problem dogs and stop them being a pain.

But what is a problem dog?

It is quite difficult to define, because what is a problem to one person may not be a problem to another. It just depends what an owner is prepared to put up with.

So, really, a problem dog is one that is making it's own life and it's owners' life a misery. So what are the options open to the owner of a problem dog?

  • Just ignore the problem
  • Re-home the dog
  • Destroy the dog
  • Modify the dogs behaviour by rehabilitating the dog and retraining the owner

So if you choose No. 4 I will be able to help you by using Canine Behaviour Therapy.

This is the technique of using psychological principles to modify your dogs behaviour, in a practical pain free method using rewards, distractions and response substitution,
(which is, e.g. teaching him to pick up a toy when someone comes to the door instead of attacking them.)

There are many reasons for a problem dog and it's not always the owners fault.

Sometimes is the breeding, sometimes it's cruelty from a previous owner, you may have rescued a dog so you will not know its' history, and it may bring all kinds of problems with it. Sometimes your dog is just misunderstood, etc, etc, etc.

And because your dog is unique there is no one cure that cures all.

Each dog will have its' own problems and so will have its' own diagnosis.

This can only be done by observing the dog in its' own environment and observing the interaction between owner and dog.

This is why I offer a home visit on a one to one basis where I can study your dog and your family and how you all behave together and then I can devise a treatment to cure your dogs behaviour or at worst to make it more acceptable for you to live with.

Once a treatment has been devised I will explain it all to you and will, in the beginning, show you how carry out it through.

Once you are confident of what you have to do I will leave you for an agreed amount of time to carry out the treatment.

When I return I will either reinforce or modify the treatment, depending how well you have both progressed.

This is not a quick fix and will take a lot of hard work and patience, but I'm sure you will be pleased with the results. And it will be very rewarding and satisfying to know that you have given yourself and your dog a better quality of life together.

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