Rehabilitation Of Megan

Megan is a Border Collie who is owned by Bill who rescued her when she was four years old. She had many issues but the most worrying one was her fear aggression towards other dogs.

As soon as she came out of the house she would go into predatory mode looking for a dog to "kill". She had numerous fights and was called that "mad dog" by the locals who all avoided her like the plague. After months of hard work, first on her own and then with my doe Meg, we have got to a stage where she can now play with other dogs she knows and have a happy life. Her character now shines through. She is now eight years old and can look forward to a happy and contented life. Below are four pictures of Megan in predatory mode, which iswrhat Collies look like when they are rounding up sheep but in Megan's case she cannot stop going for the "kill".

After six months of rehabilitation Megan is now being trusted to be with other dogs without showing aggression.

On a pack walk. I've allowed them to walk in front to allow them express their feelings. Megan is in a threating mood, tail up ears back. Meg is asking her to calm down.



Megan is now calm, tail and ears now relaxed. Meg is in the same calm mood.


Meg on the left is waiting to join the fun. Six months ago Megan would be on all fours waiting to attack Meg. But Meg is a calm dog, so Megan respects her and now they can be in the same pack area.


Meg (on the right) is calm and so Megan has calmed dovn. This is what usually happens when a calm, balanced dog is introduced quietly to an unbalanced one. They both become calm.


Megan is now getting excited but in a playful mood, you can tell from Meg's expression. She is still trying to find her stick. 



Megan is being checked for getting too excited over a stick. Meg is still calm.


Now they are both relaxed playing with the same stick. Megan is now a different dog.


A nervous Megan joining a new pack,  with Mark at Aunties' Doggy Day Care. The pack is calm and inviting Megan to relax and join in the fun.


Megan is now relaxing and joiningb in the fun. How nice to see a dog that only wanted to fight can now play with only a new pack.


Playtime over and time to relax with a calm, relaxed Springer. It's good to see how dogs can help each other to become happy and balanced and so help the owner to enjoy a true friend.

I would like to thank Mark and Lisa at Aunties Doggy Day Care for helping me show you how calm dogs can help a once unbalanced dog to integrate into a pack under controlled conditions.

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